Bath and Beach

Towels can bring your bathroom textile experience to the next level. Elevate your experience with the great selection of towels available at Marbret International.

From hand towels, to bathmats, bath sheets and hairdressing towels, we have everything you need. With a range that spans affordable towels for everyday use and commercial laundering through to Turkish bath towels that add a luxurious touch, you will find the bathroom textiles that you’re looking for to complete your space. Choose from a range of tones that can add a pop of on trend colour or calming neutrals to complement your décor.

After a sophisticated and luxurious towel experience? Look no further than the Bemboka Luxe 700gsm Towel Range. These 100% Cotton Turkish
Bath Towels are a main staple in boutique hotels and yachts around the world. Featuring organic dyes and finished with a mercerised cotton pique
border, these are an ideal choice for adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Towels need to fulfil the demands of functionality and style – the Baronne Regal Zero Twist Towel Range are another fantastic option when you’re
looking for plush, highly absorbent towels with fresh, contemporary design. Featuring a modern look header and available in a range of vibrant
colours, these naturally soft and strong towels will elevate any bathroom setting.

Towels contribute to a memorable experience for yourself or your customer. We offer a range of towels that will continue to meet expectations with high absorbency, cosiness and fast drying times, whilst simultaneously offering you long lasting durability that withstands frequent laundering.

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Showing all 21 results