Fresh linen and a clean environment: good for our mental health

Not much can soothe tired bodies, relax our bones, make our mind feel good and bring such simple pleasure – than fresh linen!

It’s something so simple yet really effective at making us feel good. Fresh bed linen and having a positive, clean environment can help our mental health because it helps us feel relaxed, in control, and can help us sleep better.

Fresh facts

Don’t just take our word for it: research backs up this theory: fresh, clean linen improves sleep and makes us feel good. In fact, 73% of people interviewed by the US National Sleep Foundation said they sleep better on fresh sheets.

Many adults also report that cleaning their home and making the bed with fresh linen helps them feel a sense of accomplishment, and makes them feel more relaxed.

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Why lie on clean sheets?

The human body seems to thrive on things being organised.

It seems to be that neatness and order support health — and oppose chaos.

If your environment is unclean or cluttered, it’s likely you will feel some anxiety, not to mention an unclean environment is bad for your physical health. So, it’s not a huge surprise that a clean environment feels more positive – and therefore helps your mental health.

It’s easy to sometimes moan about having to clean or make the beds – but when you reframe it and realise it’s all actually a positive thing for your health, the chores start to feel less of a pain and actually bring us to a point where the act of cleaning or making the bed helps us relax.

Top tips for a clean and positive environment:

Start the day on the right foot: in the morning, spend 5 mins making the bed (changing the bed linen once a week ideally), opening a window (if possible) to let in some fresh air, wiping over any messes in the bathroom and kitchen, and take out any rubbish.

Understand that a clean home does not mean a sterile home: there’s a difference between a dirty home that is a potential health hazard, and a house that is well lived in with a bit of mess, although generally clean and in order.  

Embrace the team effort: make sure everyone who lives in the house pulls their weight and understands the importance of looking after things, keeping the house relatively clean and tidy.

Stick to simple: stock up on some basic cleaning supplies and do the best you can. There is no need to buy lots of different cleaning products – often hot soapy water works well on most parts of the house! As for your sheets and towels, we have some further advice here on our blog.

End the day the right way: so just like the first point when we talked about starting the day right, try to end the day by tidying the kitchen, laying out clothes or kids school uniforms for the morning, emptying the bins if needed, packing away any kids toys, and finally, give your pillows a quick plump before falling to that clean bed you made earlier in the day!

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