Single Bed Washable Australian Wool Quilt – All Seasons

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This Australian made Tontine Washable Australian Wool quilt features all-natural premium Australian Wool, which is filled to a medium weight and all seasons warm rating. This makes it ideal for use all year round.

Australian wool quilts have high breathability, which is enhanced in this quilt by the use of a breathable, natural cotton cover. Wool also has superior moisture and odour control, and insulation properties.

Because wool naturally resists dust mites, wool quilts can help reduce allergies and asthma in sufferers. For added protection, the wool in this quilt has an anti-bacterial treatment which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.

This quality Aussie made woollen quilt features:

  • All Seasons Warmth Rating
  • Medium Weight Rating
  • Natural Cotton Cover for breathability and freshness
  • Wool naturally resists dust mites
  • Added anti bacterial protection
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in Australia
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