Buddies Smart Non-Waterproof Bed Pad

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The ‘Smart’ non-waterproof bed pad is a soft, tuck-ins sides and a mesh underlay for longevity. The Buddie bed pad is a reusable, highly absorbent bed pad designed to assist with the management of incontinence. Made from brushed polyester surface layer which allows the fluid to pass one way into the highly absorbent core.

  • 100x190cm suitable for use on all single and king single beds
  • Heavy absorbency of up to 3000ml
  • Soft quilted surface with overlocked edges, tuck-ins and a mesh underlay.
  • Brushed polyester stay-dry surface layer which allows fluid to pass quickly into, and remain in the absorbent middle layer.
  • Absorbent reusable bed pads.
  • Extra durable for regular machine washing and drying
  • Pale blue

We recommend using this in conjunction with a Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector. If an accident occurs in the night, you can quickly remove the bed pad and go back to sleep knowing your mattress is still fully protected.

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